Muri Motors helps businessmen, invest and protect their savings to get ready to trade better. With a clear mission to make a secure financial future possible — one trade, one company, one institution at a time.

Muri International also has 100 financial advisors serving the retail market. Muri Motors finance business is focused on guiding business men to greater business readiness through finance plans and holistic trade and income guidance.
Annuities offers fixed, fixed-index and immediate annuities aimed at helping traders save and protect their profit , serving over 1,000 retail fixed annuity product customers.

Investment Management is a leading, active asset management firm servicing both affiliated and external institutions as well as individual investors. Drawing on 25 years of history in finance management, the firm has the experience and resources to provide clients with investment solutions with an emphasis on equities, fixed interests, and multi-asset strategies and solutions.

We are one of the leading Financial instrument providers with offices all over Europe & Asia. We are major/Direct providers of Fresh Cut BG, SBLC, POF, MTN, Bonds and CDs and this financial instruments are specifically for lease and sale, our we always deliver on time and precision as Set forth in the agreement. You are at liberty to engage our leased facilities into trade programs, project financing, Credit line enhancement, Corporate Loans (Business Start-up Loans or Business Expansion Loans), Equipment Procurement Loans (Industrial Equipment, Air crafts, Ships, etc.) And many more, Our Terms and Conditions are reasonable. Muri Motors has forged close committed, long term relationships with large wholesale service providers, BG Issuers and Monetizers who want to focus on transacting deals not running a retail store front and dealing with a wide cross section of difficult, demanding and often uninformed customers.

So Muri Motors has became the central focus, we now handle all client liaison, we prepare, arrange, issue and in most cases draft all the BG Issuing and BG Funding contracts.

We deliver the front end, our wholesale suppliers deliver the back end. It is the perfect partnership and synergy, each focusing our time and attention on our core strengths and being able to smoothly and efficiently close client deals.

There is no Broker Joker BS with us, our motivation is to work with clients and get the deal closed. There are no Broker Games, No Middle Men, No one that stands between us, the customer and the issuing banks.

We are pure and simple.